The Cost Of Hard Money Loans

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July 14, 2020
July 15, 2020

The Cost Of Hard Money Loans

Arizona Hard Money Loans do cost more than traditional loans. And it is important for borrowers to understand all of the fees and costs of the loans before choosing hard money.

Whenever you get a loan from a professional lender, which could a lending institution or a private lender, the lender is conducting a business in order to make money. So you know that you are going to pay something for the use of the money that you are borrowing. But what most borrowers do not take into consideration is that added benefits or services are going to cost more. In the case of hard money loans, the added cost also brings with it added value.

It is important that borrowers speak to each lender to determine the fees that he or she charges on hard money loans. These fees can include the basics such as interest and points which you will pay on any loan, but there can be a long list of other fees that lenders will apply. Some of the more common fees include the underwriting fee, application fee, processing fee, referral fee and more. If you feel that there are too many fees to be legitimate, then seek out another lender as each hard money lender is pretty much free to access fees as he or she chooses. But also keep in mind that a few fees such as a small application fee and a processing fee are used to cover the administrative chores involved in the loan process.

There can also be some penalty fees involved in your loan that you will want to understand before agreeing to the loan and signing the loan documents. A late payment fee is fairly self-explanatory. Some lenders will offer a slight grace period but others will charge a hefty fee if the payment is even a single day late. If you are getting to the end of your current loan and cannot make the final large payment, some lenders will extend the loan or do a renewal but there is a cost for that as well. And finally, the lender is counting on a certain amount of profit from the loan in the form of interest. If you pay the loan off early, then the lender loses some of that profit. Many lenders will create an early pay-off penalty that is just about equal to the interest that would be lost due to the early payoff.

The Benefits

Hard money does come at a cost, but there are many benefits including fewer criteria to qualify for the loan and lower credit score requirements. In addition, the loan terms are far more flexible than a traditional loan and the funding is much faster as well. Clearly, the cost offers some important benefits to be considered.

Know The Terms

Each borrower needs to decide if Arizona Hard Money Loans and the cost associated with these loans is worth it to make a deal. Some real estate deals are so time sensitive that hard money is the only option to close on a great property before a bidding war begins. Evaluate the costs and decide if hard money is going to land you a great profit or if the cost is too high for you.

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