The Best Options for Fix and Flip Loans

July 26, 2020
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July 27, 2020

The Best Options for Fix and Flip Loans

(Home flips are a very popular way to get into the real estate investment business. But the first challenge for most flippers is learning about Arizona fix and flip loans.)

There are a multitude of television shows that depict fix and flip projects as fun and simple. But the truth is that it is a very serious business that requires a good knowledge base of finance to be sure to get the best loan to meet your needs. Understanding your options for the best Arizona fix and flip loans is the first step in a successful flip.

Hard money Arizona fix and flip loans are a great option because they are a short term loan that is secured y the value of the property that you are buying. Real estate investors normally purchase a property, renovate and resell within the term of a hard money loan which is around a year at the most. But if you are only doing minor repairs, you can request that the loan term be even shorter if that is what works out best for you. The private lenders are much easier to work with and can even create a custom payment schedule in some cases.

Cash out Arizona fix and flip loans require you to own another property. In this case, you are refinancing or taking out a loan on a property that you own outright to use that equity to invest in a property to flip. This could be refinancing your current home to use that equity or you could refinance another investment property that you have to make the purchase. But the concern is that you need to complete your flip to at least break even and not risk losing both properties.


Home equity line of credit loans also require that you own a property or have a great deal of equity in a property. For this loan, you secure a line of credit against the equity in your home or another property that you own. Again, you are risking that property if you fail to sell the flip and cannot pay the HELOC payment. But with a line of credit, the line of credit is somewhat revolving. So each payment that you make provides you with more options for reusing the line of credit to make purchases for materials for the renovations or other projects.

Know Your Options

There are many options for funding a fix and flip. But only after you have researched all of your options can you determine which loan will best meet your current needs. Some short term loans will require a large balloon payment at the end of the term while others can be refinanced to extend the term if you are unable to repay the full loan amount. It is also important that borrowers understand that using the equity in one property to purchase another property represents a far greater risk than using the property being purchased as the collateral for a hard money loan. Making a solid choice for your fix and flip loan will get you off to a great start on your real estate investment project.

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