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January 3, 2019
January 4, 2019


Lillian had been down on her luck the last few years. She had lost her job and hadn’t found fill time employment. To add to that she had recently gone through a divorce—a divorce that had left her credit badly bruised.

Lillian had been a principal of a private school for over 20 years when the school suddenly shut down. She had searched high and low for employment for over a year. The best job she could find was as a substitute teacher, but that wasn’t enough money to pay the bills and help her son through law school. She had wracked her brain to come up with something that could get her back on a good financial track.

One day she was visiting with an old friend that had recently started flipping houses. Lilian was intrigued. When she told her friend that she wanted to talk to the bank about taking out a loan her friend quickly educated Lillian on hard money loans. Lillian’s friend explained how banks are uncomfortable lending to fix and flip projects, due to the risk and uncertainty involved. Also, and Lillian didn’t need to be reminded of this, she didn’t have the best credit. Lillian wasn’t comfortable with talking to a Arizona Hard Money Lender—she didn’t know anything about them. The truth is— most people don’t know what a Arizona Hard Money Lender is.


Investors are frequent borrowers of hard money loans. Hard money loans are most popular due to time efficiency. A borrower can be pre-approved in a matter of minutes. Funds are typically dispersed in less than two weeks. This is vital for investors in order not to lose a deal. Fix and Flip loans are popular loans that Arizona Hard Money Lenders finance. Hard money loans are short-term loans—most are 6-12 month terms. However, they can be extended up to 5 years, depending on the situation. These terms are ideal for a flip—as investors want to flip the house quickly. Another benefit of hard money loans are the payments—they are interest only payments for the life of the loan. A balloon payment is due at the end of the loan.

Investors aren’t the only people that Arizona Hard Money Lenders can help. Arizona Hard Money Lenders base approval on a borrower’s assets versus credit. In Lillian’s case, for example, her credit had been damaged, but she wanted to begin flipping houses. Not only do banks frown upon flip loans; a person with her credit score would never qualify for a conventional mortgage. Although, Arizona Hard Money Lenders will look into your financial life—they will not base their decision solely on your FICO score. A hard money loan would work well for a borrower that is in need of a home and working on their credit. As stated before, these loans can run longer than the typical 6 to 12 months. If a borrower can’t qualify for a conventional mortgage, they may qualify for a hard money loan. These loans can work while the borrower transitions in to a more traditional loan.

Arizona Hard Money Lenders are not required to follow the strict federal guidelines as banks are required to—they are flexible.

Whether you want to start flipping houses or you are in need of a loan while you fix your credit, a Arizona Hard Money Lender can help you. These are asset-based loans and Arizona Hard Money Lenders have flexibility, unlike traditional lending institutions. No matter what you want to do—the likelihood is there is a hard money loan that will work for you.

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