What Are Bridge Loans

January 6, 2019
January 7, 2019

What Are Bridge Loans

Understanding the purpose of Arizona bridge loans can offer home buyers many options if their current home is still on the market. These temporary loans can help to coordinate your finances between buying a new home and selling your current one.

There are many events that must fall into place when you are in search of a new home and wish to sell your current home. And very rarely does everything work on the perfect timeline for you to sell your house before you need to purchase the new house. But buyers can use Arizona bridge loans to secure their dream home while waiting for their current home to sell.

What you are really doing with a bridge loan is borrowing the money for the down payment on your new home which would have been funded via the sale of your current home. Most home buyers, other than first-time buyers, rely on the equity they have in their current home to make the sizable down payment on their new home. So in a sense, Arizona bridge loans are designed to be short-term loans.

The qualifications for Arizona bridge loans are not the same as a standard mortgage. It’s assumed that if you have a current mortgage on your home then you have decent credit. What the lender is more concerned with is your ability to make both mortgage payments until your first home is sold. The lender will evaluate your income and the total of the two mortgage payments to decide if you are able to carry both mortgages. If the numbers work out then most lenders will fund requests for Arizona bridge loans.

The Cost of A Bridge Loan

Rates and terms can vary depending on the lender. In many cases, the lender will offer borrowers a payment schedule with the first payment being due several months after the loan is funded. This allows the borrower time to sell his or her current home without having to make payments on the bridge loan for a few months. But there is interest accruing from the day that the loan is funded. Then the borrower pays that interest when the loan is paid off. The goal is to sell the home quickly and only be required to pay a month or two of interest but in a slow market, the bridge loan could extend for a longer period of time which would require the borrower to make payments.

Risks and Rewards

The greatest reward offered by a bridge loan is that buyers are able to purchase a new home without having to wait for their current home to sell. That is important if the market is very competitive or if the inventory is very limited. The drawback is that the borrower will be paying two mortgages until their old house sells. And if the house does not sell soon after the new home is purchased, borrowers could be facing two mortgage payments plus the payment on the bridge loan each month. The result could be a very tight budget until the original home is sold.

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