Why Use Hard Money Loans

Pros and Cons of Hard Money Loans in Colorado
January 2, 2019
How Much Do Hard money loans in Colorado Cost
January 3, 2019

Why Use Hard Money Loans

There are many reasons to use Colorado hard money loans. Understanding these uses can be a great help in growing your personal wealth.

The term Hard money loans in Colorado is often misunderstood by many consumers. They picture a less than scrupulous lender who might be working out of a shady office or back alley rather than a professional individual who is simply in the business of loaning money to make money. In some cases, the lender is a single person or in other cases, it is a group of people who are working together as a group. But the main difference is that this loan is coming from a private source and not a traditional bank or other lending institution.

One of the biggest benefits of using Hard money loans in Colorado is that the loan is secured with collateral rather than the borrower’s creditworthiness. In many cases, a borrower will have a low credit score or no credit history and is unable to finance through traditional means. In addition, people who are recently divorced can have a difficult time reestablishing their credit and need another option when buying a home. And people who are self-employed, work freelance or have seasonal or fluctuating income can have a difficult time meeting the stringent requirements of a traditional lender when it comes to proving their income. But hard money offers this segment of the population a legitimate option for borrowing money to purchase a home or invest in the real estate market.

Another group of people who are fond of Hard money loans in Colorado are property flippers. These real estate investors know that finding a great property requires fast financing to secure the purchase. A bank is going to require a lot of documentation and time to process a loan even for an applicant with stellar credit. But a hard money lender is willing to process and fund the loan in a fraction of the time because the property becomes the collateral for the loan.

Stopping A Foreclosure

Homeowners who are at risk of losing their home due to a financial hardship are also going to benefit greatly from hard money. These loans allow the homeowners to use the equity that he or she has in the home to refinance in a sense and pay off their original mortgage. In some cases, the homeowner will then refinance into a new traditional mortgage at a later time or others will sell the home to pay off the hard money loan. But what this does for the homeowner is protect the equity that would have been lost had the mortgage company foreclosed and taken possession of the home.

Hard Money Rules

There are state and federal laws which forbid Hard Money Lenders in Arizona from lending to people who obviously have no way to repay the loan. But if you can meet the payments of the hard money loan then this is a solid and legitimate option for you. Even with a credit score below 600, borrowers can qualify for hard money and begin to rebuild credit or establish a new career in real estate.

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