Arizona Rental Property Loans: Why you might want to take a second look at hard money

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January 11, 2019
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January 12, 2019

Arizona Rental Property Loans: Why you might want to take a second look at hard money

Many consider Arizona Hard Money Loans just too expensive to be a logical way to finance rental properties. But if you find a property that needs a little work, hard money could the help that’s right for you.

An investor has scouted out a great property, but its got mold issues as a result of flood damage, but our investor has a plan. The properties listed at 300 and he’s got a firm estimate it will take 50 K or so to repair the severe water damage, A few repairs and he is confident that he can rent out all five units, at 1500 dollars a month in no time, which will bring in 7,500 K a month. Income which is more than enough to cover the monthly cost of a conventional mortgage.

So he’ll go to the bank right?

The bank might not be the right help that’s right for you when it comes Arizona Rental Property Loans

Our investor eagerly enters the bank office, proposal in hand. The terms are simple 50 K is all it will take to get this most promising rental property up to code. Based on this amount and the terms offered by the bank, he’s confident that can make the 1,900 monthly mortgage payments.

The once bright smile of the loan officer dissolves as he reviews images of the waterlogged property, “so I see some work needs to be done, how are you going to carry your loan?”

“I have the savings don’t worry, I’ve got more than 25 thousand, it should be enough to pay for the loan while the place is being fixed up,” the loan officer interrupts him, “well what about the lead up time afterward how are you going to pay your loan until you find renters?”

“I’ve done my research, there’s hardly a vacant unit in the neighborhood,” the loan officer grimaces, he cannot argue with the facts. Still, he slides the application across the desk, “I’m sure things will turn out great, but we’ve got FHA guidelines to consider, rules are rules, I can’t help you.”

It seems our investors left out in the cold or is he?

Some advice, use Arizona Hard Money Loans to purchase a rental property then refinance to a bank loan

Our distraught investor hears about hard money from a friend “these guys are all about equity if a property has enough potential it doesn’t matter how bad it is,”

Sure enough, our investor is eligible for hard money, but the interest seems steep 14 percent. His lender explains he can refinance after he’s finished work to a cheaper loan. So he goes ahead, and things go according to plan. Work on the apartments only takes about three months, and it doesn’t take to long for all the apartment units to fill up.

The bank’s loan officer is well pleased because the apartments are now earning 7.500 a month with is more than enough to cover the mortgage payments and then some. Minus the expense of his new mortgage and basic property maintenance, our investor is now pulling in about 5 K in extra income every month.

None of this would have possible without hard money.

If there is a rental investment up for grabs, but the property isn’t up to the bank’s standards hard money gives you the capital you need, to take advantage of opportunities that might not be possible if you don’t look beyond bank financing.

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