Simple Strategies to risk less when it comes to Fix and Flip Loans

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Simple Strategies to risk less when it comes to Fix and Flip Loans

More and more are getting into the flipping business, look at the statistics, In 2017 207,888 single family homes and condos were flipped, the highest number of homes flipped since the pre-recession heyday of 2006. The average profit made per flip last year was 68.143 dollars. That’s serious money. The recent rise in flips indicates many new people are getting into the business and its likely most of them are making use of fix and flip loans to do so. Learn some mistakes you want to avoid when it comes to financing flips.

Financing flips is in no way similar to financing a primary residence. These loans are for the short term, as no one in the flipping business plans to hold onto their property for the standard 15-30 year period. They are also expensive, and interest charged usually amounts to the double digits.

Considering the expense and the short-term nature of these loans you want to ensure that:

1. Your property can sell quickly

2. That you take out the smallest loan possible.

Consider the following as examples of what not to do in the case of fix-n-flip loans

• The HGTV’er: This flipper purchases a property that is pretty much livable, a fresh paint job and some new carpets and it would be a quick and easy sale. But the smiling heads of the property brothers float into her mind, “take out this wall, make it nice and open concept.” She takes out a rather large loan to reconfigure the homes entire layout. After the walls come down and the dust settles our flipper discovers that her extensive demolition didn’t add much to the value after all. All that unnecessary work took time, a time during which she was paying those double-digit interest rates and this cost her several thousand dollars.

• The Designer: Our next flipper is obsessed with clean, minimal interiors and slick German appliances. Her vision for her flip is taken straight out of a Mies Van Der Rohe picture book, and again she takes out a rather large loan to bring her vision into reality. In the end, the sparse, minimal interior, Italian concrete countertops, and full picture windows didn’t contribute much to the homes final sale price. Her property sits idly on the listings for many months because her vision didn’t match the expectations of most buyers. While her house sits on the market, she continues to make those hefty interest payments on her larger than necessary loan.

Risk less in the case of fix and flip loans by using the following simple strategies

• Consider the minimum amount of renovation needed to bring the property to a marketable standard. The HGTV’er didn’t do this, and thus she took out a loan that was larger than necessary.

• Only add features that add real value. The designer might have remodeled the home in a way that was aesthetically pleasing but not only was her vision expensive; it also didn’t mesh with the expectations of most buyers. She took out a larger than necessary loan but also the features she added hindered her ability to resell and therefore pay off that loan.

If you don’t employ these tactics, you could end up taking out an unnecessarily large and expensive loan to finance your next flipping project.

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