Things to Consider When Building a Spec Home

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December 29, 2018
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Things to Consider When Building a Spec Home

Many elements must come together to build a spec home successfully. Spec Home Financing in Arizona with Arizona Hard Money Lenders can help you fund your build, but there are still things for you to consider in the construction process.

When building a home, there’s more to consider than you might think. Each element should be thoughtfully chosen to ensure you get the home value you’re hoping for. Location, lot, design, floorplan, and unexpected costs are all important pieces of the construction puzzle and should not be overlooked. Keep each of these factors in mind as you build to ensure quality home value and construction while staying within your budget.


Especially important for home resale value and living conditions, location is a huge part of a home. Think about your goals for the home and take that into consideration when searching for building locations. If you want to build a family home, perhaps search in neighborhoods by schools or parks. To make more money from the sale, choose a neighborhood or city that will provide the best market value. Building in a safe neighborhood with available amenities is often a good idea.


The lot you choose is just as important as its location. Make sure your lot is the right size and in the best spot for your plans and keep your clientele in mind. Families may want to be near parks or playgrounds, while older couples might want a quieter location.

When applying for your Spec Home Financing in Arizona, remember that certain lots may have upcharges, so be sure to work any lot costs into your application.


This goes back to your clientele as well. Choose a functional floorplan that people will want to live in. A couple has different needs than a family of four. Select a floorplan that compliments your lot and location and makes sense for who will be buying it.


Choosing a modern, yet timeless design will help you sell your spec home and allow it to stay timely for years to come. Do plenty of research on interior design or work with a designer to help you develop a theme.

People love matching and consistency, which can be achieved with small touches. Choose fixtures that are all the same color. Use the same countertop for the kitchen and all the bathrooms. If you have wood floors in different areas of the house, make sure it’s the same color. The same goes for tile and carpeting. Maintaining an interior theme will help make your house look polished and professional.

Unanticipated costs

Snafus happen, so you must expect the unexpected. Make sure you budget wisely and put money aside account for unanticipated surprises, which are bound to happen. You’ll be happy you did.

Spec Home Financing in Arizona

Want to build a spec home but can’t pull the funds together? You can get Spec Home Financing in Arizona from a hard money lender like Level 4 Funding. Money lenders can offer you more money than banks in some cases, and their application and approval processes are far faster than those of financial institutions.

Choose Level 4 Funding to fund your spec home.

Level 4 Funding is a trusted money lender that can give you the Spec Home Financing in Arizona you’re looking for. Visit their website now and apply for your loan online. It’s easier than you think and is definitely worth your time.

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