Loans For Flipping Houses: Why you should avoid the Bank

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December 6, 2018
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Loans For Flipping Houses: Why you should avoid the Bank

Many are enticed to get into the flipping business, either by reality television or the prospect of tidy profits. But few people just getting into the business have cash in their pocket to buy and remodel a house on their own, and most need financing. If you are new to the flipping business learn why banks and every other financing method out there is less than ideal in the case of fix and flip loans.

Some new to the flipping business might leverage the equity in their home, refinancing their personal residence to embark on their first flipping project. Is putting your actual house on the line to flip another house a good idea? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Another strategy is to take out a small conventional loan to purchase the house, and then take out an unsecured loan to cover the cost of remodeling. This strategy is basically like getting a credit card to pay for your flipping project, and paying bills with a credit card is never a sound financial strategy. So why not just go to your friendly neighborhood bank?

A conventional loan will always fall short when it comes to fix and flip loans

Many novice real estate investors are lured to banks by the prospect of lower interest rates. But conventional lenders fall short in almost every respect the case of flips. First, the tedious application process could cause you to miss out on the best investment opportunities, as foreclosures and short sales move quickly and traditional lenders simply can’t keep up. If the property you have in mind is anything less than live-able condition, your application will be denied outright. But there’s a bigger reason to avoid going to the bank to finance flips

Without exception, even if a bank miraculously finances your flip, the loan will not cover the cost of your renovations. Ever. Banks give loans as a percentage of a properties current value, your bank loan might cover 90 percent of a 50,000 dollar shack and this loan will get you that shack but nothing more. If you want to remodel the home thereafter you will need to take out another loan.

So home equity, unsecured loans, and even banks fall short when it comes to financing flips, but not all hope is lost.

Hard money loans remain the best way to finance house flips

A cursory search of the term ‘hard money’ might make you balk at the double-digit interest rates offered by these lenders. Understand that those double-digit interest payments don’t amount to much as your plan should be to sell the property within a few months.

What sets hard money apart in the case of flips is that these loans are given as a percentage of the properties value after it’s been repaired. Unlike with a bank loan, with hard money not only can you get enough money to purchase a distressed home, but you also get the money you need to improve it.

This factor sets hard money apart from other types of financing, be it bank loans, unsecured loans or equity loans. Home equity loans put your house at risk, unsecured loans are expensive, and bank loans will not cover the full cost of a flipping project. If you want to get into the flipping business, your best bet is, and likely always will be hard money.

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