December 10, 2018
December 10, 2018


A Arizona Bridge Loan is a loan that a borrower takes out against their property to finance the purchase of a new property.

A Arizona Bridge Loan is also known as a swing loan, gap financing or interim financing. They are typically taken out when a borrower is upgrading into a bigger home but their current home hasn’t sold. It literally “bridges” the gap between the time the old home is sold and the new home is purchased. Another way people deal with these situations is when a seller agrees to a contingency. But, many times the seller won’t agree to the contingency; a contingency is a contract that allows the buyer to agree to terms if certain actions occur. When a seller won’t agree to a contingency a Arizona Bridge Loan comes into play. The buyer is able to purchase the new property before the old property is sold. In a competitive housing market bridge loans become very useful for a borrower.


If a borrower currently has property up for sale, but wants to buy new property, knowing that the money from the current property they own will be paying for the new property, they would take out a bridge loan. It helps finance a new purchase so that property can be purchased before the sale of the old one. A Arizona Bridge Loan will pay off all existing liens and will use the excess funds as a down payment for the new property. Usually what this means is that you won’t make a payment on your Arizona Bridge Loan before your old property sells—instead you will be able to continue making payments on your current mortgage. Once, your old house sells you will use that money to pay off the bridge loan. These loans are usually the most popular when the housing market is hot; because there is so much competition for homes and sellers usually don’t have to agree to contingencies to sell their property. Bridge loans can be any size. Bridge loans are generally given through private money lenders, commonly called hard money lenders, who have more flexibility than banks and conventional loans.

Hard money lenders will work with borrowers looking for a bridge loan. But, how does this work?

Hard money lenders secure short-term loans by property. Since there are assets securing the loan, a high credit score is not necessary for approval of the loan. Hard money lenders will structure repayment and property repayment terms that are beneficial to both the borrower and the lender. Because hard money lenders do not have to adhere to the same requirements as banks there is much more flexibility in terms of the loan. Borrowers can choose to repay the loan before permanent financing is secured or after. Lenders will range in interest rates—generally between 7% and 15%. However, all bridge loans are short-term; ranging from six months to twelve months.

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