Three Big Benefits of Hard Money Loans in Arizona

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November 3, 2018
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November 4, 2018

Three Big Benefits of Hard Money Loans in Arizona

Even though Hard Money Loans in Arizona carry a higher cost than traditional loans, there are three major benefits that most lenders are eager to take advantage of. Knowing the benefits can help you to justify the higher rates for hard money.

Knowing that a hard money loan is more expensive than a traditional loan could cause you to wonder why people even consider hard money. But there are three particular benefits that are often enough to entice borrowers into using hard money. Understanding these three perks and how to take full advantage of them will help you to see why Hard Money Loans in Arizona are very popular with real estate investors.

Hard Money Loans in Arizona are also referred to as asset-based loans by some lenders. This means that the property being purchased is going to be the collateral for the loan. It also means that the lender is going to be more interested in the property value than the credit history of the borrower. And without the long and drawn out process of doing a credit check, the approval process can be much faster for hard money. This is a huge benefit to real estate investors who are searching for great deals in a very competitive market. Hard Money Loans in Arizona can fund much more quickly than a traditional loan and allow investors to make fast deals on in-demand properties.

Another great benefit of hard money is that the lender is a private individual who can offer much more flexibility than a traditional lender. This can be a big benefit when setting up the repayment schedule or even when working on the date of the first payment or a variable payment amount. No traditional bank or mortgage company will have the ability to work with you on the terms of a loan. You take what they offer or find another lender.

Approval Process

Because hard money is asset-based, there is not the long process of proving the borrower’s creditworthiness to the lender. The lender wants to determine the value of the property being purchased and used as collateral, then they will determine the amount of the loan. It is much faster and far less time consuming or complicated for the borrower and the lender. In addition, asset based loans are great for borrowers who have less than perfect credit and are not able to finance through a traditional lender.

Taking Advantage of the Benefits

As with any process that is made easier and faster, there is usually a cost associated with it. And in this case, private lenders know that the speed, ease and flexibility of hard money is a commodity worth paying for. The lenders will charge a higher interest rate than a traditional lender and also might charge more fees than a bank or mortgage company. But if you are aware of the benefits, then you are most likely going to be willing to pay a little bit more to get them. Hard money will allow you to bid on and pay for high demand properties in as little as a week rather than the two or three months it could take to fund a traditional loan application.

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