Arizona Private Money Lenders: Three Situations Where Private Money is a Win-Win

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November 5, 2018
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Arizona Private Money Lenders: Three Situations Where Private Money is a Win-Win

2page_img3-bigTo truly grown real estate investment business you need two things:  You need capital to expand, and you to need close on the best investment opportunities as quickly as possible. Arizona Private Money Lenders offer both. However, there are some specific instances where private money outshines other forms of financing.

When it comes to financing real estate investment there, are, of course, many financing options out there. Yes, you might ponder going to a traditional bank, but the likely outcome is that your deal will choke to death amid all the red tape.

Some consider online crowdfunding platforms, but as smalltime real estate investors ponder the terms of your deal, your loan will sit unfunded. In fact, online crowd funding is perhaps an even less reliable source of financing than a conventional bank.

To really grow your real estate investment business you need cash. No not a suitcase full of money but a readily accessible source of financing that can allow you to make full offers right away on the best investment properties. 

Private lenders are perhaps the most convenient, flexible and accessible source of financing out there. They are not bound to rules and regulations like traditional banks, and unlike online crowdfunding sites, they have the means to fund your loan fully.

But there are specific instances where private money really is your best option.

The Benefits of Arizona Private Money Lenders Really Shine in these Specific Situations:

Bad Financial Situations:  Private lenders aren’t under regulatory scrutiny like banks, and therefore no matter what your credit score is a private lender is at least willing to sit down with you and can thoughtfully consider the terms of your deal.

  • You need financing “yesterday,”: Say you want to make a full offer, but you don’t have the cash on hand to close the deal. Better yet you might be in a situation where your latest real estate project will crumble without a quick injection of capital. If this is your situation, you don’t have time to wait around for the bureaucratic nightmare entailed by the traditional lending process. Private money providers have the flexibility to close loans in a matter of days.

  • There is a “bidding war,”: If an especially shiny investment property has just come onto the market, your fellow investors might be chomping at the bit to seal the deal. Once again private money can come through quickly,  and this can enable you to make a full cash offer before your competition does.

In these specific situations, private money outshines other forms of capital.

Regardless of your specific situation private money offers flexibility, speed and convenience to real estate investors.

Private Money Lenders in Arizona offer many benefits to those looking to quickly grow their real estate investment business.

If you need it fast access to capital, are tired of waiting around on banks to fund your deals, or if your financial situation is less than perfect, take advantage of private money and bring your real estate investment business to the next level.

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