Arizona House Flipping Loans: Risks and Benefits of Equity Partnerships

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November 5, 2018
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November 5, 2018

Arizona House Flipping Loans: Risks and Benefits of Equity Partnerships

When it comes to financing your next flipping project, you may be wondering about the difference between equity “partnerships” and standard Arizona fix and flip loans.

Before you set out on your next flipping project you need to know what the cost of financing will be. The cost of capital basically determines the profitability of your project. Loans imply fixed payments. With loans you calculate the cost of financing by adding up the loan fees and total interest payments, you then subtract this cost from your projected profits. The terms of a standard loan are spelled out in black and white, the only variable in this case is how long it will take for your rehabbed home to sell.

Equity partnerships present more uncertainty.

When it comes to equity partnerships, there is a lot of risk versus standard house flipping loans in Arizona

In equity partnerships a specific amount of money is given for a particular percentage of ownership in the property. In this case, the investor receives a certain percentage of the property’s resale value.

Equity partnerships represent a gamble for both sides, as the return you generate is entirely up in the air until your property resells.

With an equity partner on board, there are entirely no guarantees when it comes to the cost of financing. Don’t expect any investor to come on board with your project if you stipulate a cap on their potential returns. The implication here is that if you sell the property far and above your initial projections, you will have to give up a greater share of profits.

On the other hand, if the property resells below projections, an equity partnership might cost you less money than a standard loan. That is unless your investor stipulated a guaranteed return before they financed your project, if this the case, you might be personally liable to pay back the difference.

As you can see equity partnerships, there are few if any guarantees.

Standard Arizona Fix and Flip Loans are more predictable, but there may be some benefits to an equity partnership

Taking a loan out to finance your next project offers you the potential to keep a greater share of profits. Again the terms of the loan are spelled out well in advance and represent a predictable cost. Unlike equity partnerships, if your project does well your lender is not going to demand more money from you.

So you may be wondering why you might consider an equity partnership in the first place.

When comes to loans, the terms of the deal are fixed after you sign the papers. If your project runs into difficulties and your renovated property continues to linger on the market,  your lender will still expect you to keep making payments.

With an equity investor, there is more flexibility. Your equity partner will likely not expect a return or any payment until the property actually resells.

So if the next house you aim to flip is in a lukewarm market, or if there is any other type of uncertainty, the flexibility of an equity partnership might benefit you. However, if you have more certainty to your property will resell at a profit, taking out a loan might allow you to capture more of the upside from your investment.

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