Differences Between Arizona Private Money Lenders and Traditional Money Lenders

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Differences Between Arizona Private Money Lenders and Traditional Money Lenders

Choosing between traditional versus alternative lenders can make all the difference in your financial success. Read more to learn the benefits and risks of borrowing from alternative sources.

1. Arizona Private Hard Money Lenders assess the value of the property, and consider that one of the most significant factors when considering lending money. This is determined by the LTV (loan to value) factor or the ARV (after repair value) factors. Sometimes as much as 75% can be lent. Starting the assessment with value factors and collateral places personal financial history second on the list.

2. Financial considerations are heftier in conversations with traditional money lenders. In these cases, a loan will only be given with a credit score and debt-to-income ratio that is met and in line with the bank’s many standards. However, Arizona Private Hard Money Lenders can offer similar loans based on the value of your property, even if your credit score is not perfect. Because private lenders know they may possibly be taking a risk by lending the loan, their interest rates tend to be as high as 18 percent.

3. Flexibility and acceptance are two ways that the private lender relationship can be very individualized compared to a public lender. Standards are considered, but imperfect scores are not sure-fire rejections. A rejection from a bank is not the end-all-be-all, and should not be treated as such, because there are still other individuals who may be able to provide offers. The relationship between a private lender is much more transparent than one with a bank.

4. Private investors can act much faster than public investors. They tend to be able to get the process going within about a week, while private lenders can sometimes take over a month or more. Being on a time crunch is a major influence for fixer uppers, real estate investors, and individuals working to prevent a foreclosure.

Where to Find Arizona Private and Public Lenders

Traditional loan lenders tend to be public institutions like banks and credit unions, while alternative lenders are private investors. Sometimes a referral from the bank or other institution may even lead you to other lenders, as can many lists found on the internet based off of local or general searches for alternative lenders. It is important to be careful when considering Arizona Private Hard Money Lenders. Further research into the group will let you know whether or not you want to be conducting business with them, as will a thorough read of their interest rates, fees and terms. Having a real estate attorney involved in the initial is one way of validating the legitimacy of the lender, as well as gain any additional advice about your lending situation.

Closing Costs of Your Decision

The differences between private and public lenders are enough to provide options for people in various types of financial situations. Identifying your immediate needs, and the ways to best profit off of the loan, will help dictate which type of lender reaps the most benefits and leads to a successful borrow.

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