Qualifying for Hard Money Loans in Arizona

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Qualifying for Hard Money Loans in Arizona

Arizona Hard Money Loan are asset-based which means that the qualification process and requirements are different than those of a traditional loan. Knowing what it takes to get hard money can help you decide if this is the right loan to meet your needs.

Unlike traditional bank and mortgage company loans, Arizona Hard Money Loan are based on the value of the property being purchased and the potential for profit. Lenders are not scouring the borrower’s credit history and credit report to decide if the person is financially able to make the payments like banks would do to approve a loan application. So even a borrower with less than perfect credit has the opportunity to secure Arizona Hard Money Loan.

In addition to the value of the property, lenders are looking at the borrower to determine the level of experience the person has in real estate investing as well as the proposed project to repair or renovate the property. In the case of a fix and flip, which is a very common investment using hard money, the lender will look at past projects, profit from those projects and the scope of each project to determine the level of risk involved in the proposed real estate deal. Preparation is critical to a smooth construction project and lenders will want to examine a project plan to know that the borrower is prepared to see the project to its completion and to complete the sale to repay the loan.

Asset-based loans are secured by the value of the property being purchased, and for that reason, the lender needs to know that the property is always going to be worth more than the outstanding balance of the loan. Loan to value is a means of determining how much the lender is willing to loan on a given property. In most cases, Arizona Hard Money Loan are offered for between 70% and 80% of the value of the property. The lender will say that the LTV is 80% and that will be the highest offer he or she will extend to the borrower. It is then the borrower’s responsibility to secure the remaining funds to purchase the property.

Skin In The Game

In addition to knowing that the property is always going to be more valuable than the loan balance, lenders know that a borrower is likely to work more diligently and tirelessly if he or she has some of his or her own money involved in the project. Defaulting on a loan and losing a property is bad, but losing the property and your own cash is far worse. This gives the borrower even more incentive to be successful and it offers the lender more peace of mind.

Getting the Balance

Often times, lenders will request proof that the borrower has access to the remaining funds to make the purchase prior to funding the hard money loan. This money can be from a personal line of credit, a line of credit on another property or loans from other private individuals or even a cash advance on a credit card. But the important part is showing commitment to getting the project completed on budget and on time to repay the hard money lender and the other lenders.

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