November 8, 2018
3 Things to Know Before Approaching Residential Hard Money Lenders
November 8, 2018


536349311You’ve heard the term, but what is an Arizona spec home? Is it a smart move to invest in one?

Speculation building is a significant part of the new home construction market. Since 2016, close to three quarters of new single-family houses have been built on “speculation”- meaning, the home was built with an intention to make a profit. When the market is healthy Arizona spec homes are abundant because builders can build them quickly, sell them even faster and use the profits to build even more Arizona spec homes. This is a potentially large profit-making probability; financing these types of projects can be arduous.

There are many factors, for an investor, to consider when making a decision to be involved in the building of an Arizona spec home. It is imperative that the investor has a complete and thorough understanding of the local housing market. The challenge lies in balancing costs of the home’s features with what will ultimately make the home sell. Crucial factors, for the investor, to consider are: the local job market, design and architect and local housing prices. It is also necessary to keep the house nonspecific enough that it will appeal to the masses of buyers versus just a select population. These are key components that investors will take into account when making a determination on an investment.

What do I need to know about finding a spec home investor?

The investor will always have full control of the project’s expenses. Spec houses are just that, a speculation of sale. If the local buyers needs aren’t met, it can result in a loss versus a gain for the investor.

There are banks that lend for spec builders. However, banks tend to offer most of their lending toward custom homebuilding and large developments. That leaves room for private investing. In Phoenix there are a multitude of large new housing developments. It is becoming more common to invest in Arizona spec homes because it is becoming harder to find distressed homes to invest for fix and flips.

Hard money investors are the way to go when it comes to funding a Arizona spec home. The loan will be a shorter duration than a traditional bank. There is a high demand for new homes in many metropolitan areas. In a market with high demand and low inventory it is always a good time to build a Arizona spec home; and a Arizona hard money lender is your best bet when it comes to funding that project. It is of essence that you chose a location that your lender is comfortable with. Phoenix and Las Vegas, for example, are both booming cities with room for growth and a fast growing population. Arizona hard money lenders can provide fast funds for Arizona spec homes that would be near impossible with a traditional bank. The borrowers responsibility can run from no money down to upwards of 50% down.

What do I bring when I meet with a hard money lender?

Before you meet with a potential lender; gather all documents concerning your financial position and collect as much information, as possible, about the property. You will need your previous two years’ tax statements, all bank statements, your business’ profit and loss statements and a listing of all your assets and liabilities. When it comes to the property, you will need: a budget, a list of all materials that will be needed and income and expense statements. Some lenders will require more than others. However, it is always best to be over-prepared when meeting with your investor.

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