WHY 100% LTV Financing in Arizona IS HARD TO GET

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November 16, 2018
November 16, 2018

WHY 100% LTV Financing in Arizona IS HARD TO GET

100% LTV Financing in Arizona is not impossible to get, but it can be challenging.

Hard money lenders are typically disinclined to approve 100% financing on a deal. It is unsettling, to most lenders, when a borrower requires 100% financing. There are 3 main reasons that most lenders won’t approve 100% financing.

1. The borrower has no experience in real estate or hard money: Not having any experience in hard money loans or real estate increases the chances that the borrower will make a mistake and this will cause both the lender and the borrower to lose both time and money.

2. The borrower isn’t financially solid: When a borrower asks for 100% financing it casts doubt on their financial situation. This can cause the lender concern about the loan being repaid. Typically, lenders feel that a borrower who isn’t risking any of their own money has very little skin in the game; and that is not a risk most lenders want to take.

3. The borrower won’t assume risk on the deal: When a borrower requests 100% LTV Financing in Arizona and therefore has no equity into an investment, it makes sense that lenders feel it would be easy for the borrower to walk away from the property, leaving the lender fully responsible for any potential losses.

100% financing is rare in commercial real estate deals. You will see it more in residential investing; and even more commonly you will see it in fix-and-flip deals. A lender is more likely to finance 100% of the project if it is a short-term deal with a clear predetermined strategy. Most lenders that finance an entire purchase will only do so for experienced real estate investors. A borrower that is new to the game will have a much more difficult time finding complete financing.


When it comes to investments you will always take it more seriously if you have some skin in the game. It’s a little like being a kid; remember, wanting new shoes, or a video game, or a remote-control plane? You would ask your mom or dad and they would say, “yes.” More than likely once the excitement settled down you would toss it wherever the “toys of yesterday” lived. But, remember saving your money and buying that same toy? I’m willing to bet you took better care of it. It is human nature to take care of things better if you have invested in them. If you have no money invested, it will always be easier to walk away.

What is cross collateral and how can it help you get 100% financing?

Cross Collateral is where the borrower allows the loan to be secured by equity in an additional property. Hard money loans are always backed by real estate. In cross collateral there is more than one property and at least one of the properties are free and clear—meaning the owner owes nothing on the property.

Let’s say you find a property you want to purchase for $200,000. You want to purchase this price, but don’t want to put money down on it. You also have a property that is appraised at $175,000 and is paid off. You will find lenders that will give you the $200,000 because the property you own free and clear plus the new property are enough collateral to pay back the loan if you default on the terms of the loan. That is cross collateral—and that is what you will most likely need if you are an inexperienced investor looking for 100% financing.

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