Why Real Estate Lines of Credit in Arizona are Getting More Attention

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October 14, 2018
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Why Real Estate Lines of Credit in Arizona are Getting More Attention

iStock_000004067318XSmallReal estate lines of credit are growing in popularity. If you’re involved in investing, adding them to your toolkit can help ensure your success.

Generally speaking, savvy investors find out what works for them and repeat the same processes time and time again to ensure success. That said, they also create a toolkit of various options and tailor their approach depending on the project. One of the tricks of the trade seasoned investors apply is to be familiar with several forms of lending and choose the best one for each project. That way, financing and favorable terms are always just a call away.

Real Estate Lines of Credit in Arizona fit into this toolkit as well, right alongside things like conventional loans and Arizona Hard Money Loans. However, instead of taking a large portion of cash all at once, the investor uses it like a credit card, only taking what he needs as he needs it and paying back the balance. The funds made available can sometimes be enough to cover the cost of purchasing a property, though they’re generally in line with what someone might pay to do repairs or a full rehab on a property.

There are both single property and multiple property Arizona real estate lines of credit. With a single property line, the amount made available will generally be based on the value of the home. In these cases, most investors will use them to take money out to complete individual repairs. However, those with larger portfolios can have much larger lines made available, based on the value of multiple properties. In these cases, the investor may still use the funds for rehabs and repairs. However, because the cash can be tapped into at any time, many use this to purchase new properties and add to their portfolios.

When Time is of the Essence, Real Estate Lines of Credit are There for You

Being able to jump on an Arizona investment property with cash ready to go makes it easier to grab it before others do. It can also help sway a seller in your direction if there are multiple offers because they know your deal will go through and isn’t going to get hung up waiting for outside financing.

Know the eligibility requirements ahead of time to ensure approval.

Some lenders will determine eligibility largely based on credit scores, which can make it difficult to get approval. However, asset-based lending looks more at the value of the property or properties involved. In other words, if you’ve got a good amount of equity in a single property, you may be able to tap into most of it even if you have rotten credit. Moreover, conventional lenders tend to look for credit scores of 720+ once your portfolio hits a certain size, whereas asset-based lending actually rewards you for the extra equity and can often offer up more cash. Ergo, there are multiple situations and stages in your portfolio growth in which this could be ideal. If you don’t already have a specialist on hand who offers LOCs, talk with a broker who can go over all the options now, so you can have the cash you need when you need it.

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