Things to Consider When Obtaining Hard Money Loans

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October 12, 2018
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October 13, 2018

Things to Consider When Obtaining Hard Money Loans

Are you wondering what Arizona hard money loans are and where they fit into your investment strategy? Here are the basics of these types of loans and what they can do for you as an investor.

This type of loan is an asset-based loan.  The borrower wishes to secure a loan backed by real property.  Private investors and companies are typical issuers of these loans.  Unlike banks, Arizona hard money loans can carry higher interest rates.  These interest rates are higher than a convention real estate loan because of the higher risk and the duration of the loan which is shorter than conventional real estate loans.

People using Arizona hard money loans are usually looking for funding for projects lasting from a few months to a few years.  The criteria for lending and borrower costs are similar to bridge loans. In fact, many hard money lenders specialize in bridge loans. Bridge loans are used for properties that are in transition and may not be able to qualify for traditional financing.  An example of a bridge loan is when a home buyer finds a new home they’d like to buy before their old home, which is on the market, sells.

Many hard money lenders will lend 65% to 75% of the current property value. The amount of the loan is determined by the loan to value or LTV. It is figured by the ratio of the loan amount divided by the value of the property. Arizona hard money loans are mainly used for commercial property.  These types of loans first started in the 1950s and have been growing in popularity.

Although mostly unregulated by state and federal laws, some restrictions on interest rates by states, commonly known as usury laws, prohibit hard money loans. Two of these states are Tennessee and Arkansas.

Federal Guidelines

Since the 2009 mortgage crisis and the passing of the Dodd-Frank Act, these loan programs have greatly expanded.  This is in part due to the strict regulations that were put on banks and lenders after the passing of this act. Truth in Lending and Dodd-Frank set out Federal guidelines for lenders, mortgage originators, and mortgage brokers requiring them to evaluate the borrower’s ability to repay the loan.  The ability to repay the loan is on the borrower’s primary residences. If the lender does not conduct the proper due diligence, they are faced with high fines for non-compliance. Hard money lenders mostly lend on commercial loans or business purposes so that they can avoid non-compliance with TILA, HOEPA and Dodd-Frank guidelines.

Before any offer of financing, the lender will want to determine the LTV (loan to value).  The basis for the loan is the liquidation value of the collateral.

A BPO (Broker Price Opinion) or an independent appraisal by a licensed appraiser in the state that the property is located in, will value the property. Typical hard money loan interest rates range from 10% to 18%.  Despite these rates, investors often turn to them due to quick loan approvals, high flexibility, less documentation than conventional lenders, and offering the ability to put a bid on a property that may go quickly after hitting the market.

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