Owner Occupied Hard Money Lenders

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October 13, 2018
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October 14, 2018

Owner Occupied Hard Money Lenders

536349311You may be surprised to find out that owner-occupied hard money lenders offer loans for primary residences. Find out the specific situations where you can benefit from these types of loans.

Are you in a circumstance where you are being denied a residential mortgage?  There are many circumstances when a borrower is denied this type of mortgage from both credit unions and banks.  When the person seeking a loan has little or no alternatives, they will often turn to a residential hard money lender to obtain a mortgage on the borrower’s primary residence.  Some of the reasons a borrower may turn to this type of lender are:

  • The borrower has bad or poor credit

  • If the borrower has had a recent loan modification, foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy

  • If the borrower has two years or less of current employment

  • If the borrower is self-employed

  • A bridge loan is needed by the borrower for a primary residence

In some instances, a borrower goes through the approval process with a conventional residential mortgage lender, and the lender is not able to perform while in escrow. The borrower then searches for a private owner-occupied hard money lender to secure financing through. The lender is able to provide fast approval and funding which will help prevent the borrower from losing the property they have a contract on. Once the escrow closes, the property is secured, and the borrower can refinance with a conventional mortgage company.

Why Arizona Owner-Occupied Hard Money Lenders are Few and Far Between

Most owner-occupied hard money lenders will not consider lending for your primary residences because:

  • Additional documentation is required

  • The lender is required to obtain additional licensing

  • Regulators will exert firmer regulations

  • The time to fund the loan increases since there are mandatory recession periods

  • Investment loans have far greater lender risks than owner occupied mortgages

Arizona Owner-occupied hard money lenders are subject to Federal regulations.  Some of these regulations consider Dodd-Frank.  The Dodd-Frank act requires the lender to verify the borrower’s income and expenses.  Paystubs, tax returns and W2’s are ways the borrower can verify their income. Debt to income (DTI) must be kept under certain levels by the borrowers.  Car payments, other mortgages, credit card payments and other debts will be considered. Also included in this ratio will be the new mortgage obligations, (taxes, mortgage payment and insurance).

The owner-occupied Arizona hard money loans are intended for short term use, generally three to five years.  Most lenders will require the borrower to have a plan in place to obtain long term financing.

A hard money loan can offer borrowers with credit issues time to repair their credit report—and not lose their chosen property. Others may be postponing obtaining a conventional loan until the mandatory waiting period for negative credit events has passed. These events may include short sale, bankruptcy, loan modification or foreclosure. If the borrower’s property has enough equity and there currently is a first (1st) mortgage and the borrower does not qualify for a conventional second (2nd) mortgage, then the borrower can consider a hard money lender.  This may be a prudent decision if the proceeds of the second mortgage is used to pay off high interest rate credit cards or pay down other high interest debt.


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