The Benefits of Fix and Flip Loans

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October 27, 2018
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October 28, 2018

The Benefits of Fix and Flip Loans

David ReeseFlipping houses quickly can be a very lucrative business. But the key to being successful is having fast access to fix and flip loans.

Most people are familiar with the traditional mortgage loans offered by banks and mortgage companies. But everyone also knows that securing a mortgage from a bank can take a great deal of time and effort. When time is critical, such as it is when flipping a house for a profit, Arizona Fix and Flip Loans offer all of the benefits that you need including a fast approval and funding time. A standard bank loan can take far over a month just for approval but the private lender will be able to process your documents and have an answer for you in just a few days.

Another benefit to Arizona Fix and Flip Loans is that these loans can be used on any type of property purchase. A traditional lender is not going to be willing to look at bank owned, foreclosure, short sale or a run-down property and make a fair decision. But a private lender is only really interested in the current value of the property. Banks do not like to lend on riskier investments but a private lender is willing to assume a greater risk as long as the borrower is willing to pay a higher interest rate.

Another drawback to a traditional lender is that fact that they are counting on a full interest payment. This means that if you pay the loan off early, the lender is making less money in the form of interest. So to avoid that, the lender will charge an early repayment penalty. Basically, no matter when you pay off the loan, it still costs you the same amount. But a private lender is not going to charge you any early repayment fees in most cases. But it is critical that you read the entire loan document prior to signing it as the lender is free to impose any terms that he or she sees fit. It is your job to catch any issues with the terms before you sign the loan documents.

Costs of Repairs

When you are flipping a property, you understand that a large part of the cost involved is going to be for the materials and labor for repairs. A traditional lender is not interested in this issue and will not always work with you on a loan for repairs. But lenders who specialize in Arizona Fix and Flip Loans normally will set up a loan reserve which helps to cover some of the repair costs for the property in additional interest.

Pick The Right Lender

As you begin to learn more about the process of fixing and flipping houses, you will also learn more about the financial side of the business. But when you first start out, it is important that you select a lender who is familiar with the process and knowledgeable about the real estate market. This will ensure that you have a good resource and a solid partner to guide you through your first loan experiences.

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