Using Arizona Hard Money Loans for Long-Term Purchases

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October 24, 2018
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October 25, 2018

Using Arizona Hard Money Loans for Long-Term Purchases

confirm_registrationMost information points to using Arizona Hard Money Loans only for short-term investments. But there is a reason to take advantage of hard money when making a long-term purchase.

Every article that you read about Arizona Hard Money Loans points to using this financial tool only for a short-term project such as a fix and flip. And these loans are perfect for a short-term project. But all of the benefits that make Arizona Hard Money Loans appealing for the short term investor can also make them appealing for a longer investment.

The easy application processes and the fast approval make hard money a solid choice for any purchase that is time sensitive. Most investors think of fix and flip properties for tight time frames. But there can be other properties which have a great many potential buyers which would also require fast funding to secure the purchase. After the purchase is secured, the borrower has the time needed to complete a traditional loan application with a bank or mortgage company to extend the loan terms as to also decrease the interest rate.

Hard money can also be used to purchase a property that is going to require a lot of repairs or renovations and does not meet the lending requirements of a traditional institution. Once the property improvements are completed, the borrower can then apply for a traditional loan and again take advantage of the longer repayment schedule and the lower interest rate.

Tailoring Arizona Hard Money Loans

Because hard money is offered by private lenders, the terms of these loans are able to be customized at the discretion of the lender. In many cases, a borrower will request that the first payment not be due on the loan for two or even three months. This allows more time to secure a traditional loan. In return, the borrower is paying closing costs, points and sometimes other fees to the hard money lender for this added consideration. But it saves the borrower the higher interest on the monthly loan payments.

Hard Money is Useful

In the past, many borrowers were under the misguided opinion that hard money was a less than legitimate resource and that the high cost made hard money a bad choice for an investment opportunity. But as the real estate business has evolved, investors have become far more savvy about how and when to use hard more for a real estate deal. Short-term purchases, as well as long-term purchases of a very desirable property, are especially well suited to using a hard money loan. In addition, hard money is a good option for an investor who is carrying several traditional loans and does not have the credit to request another bank loan. The hard money is used essentially as a bridge to make the purchase until another project has been completed and the loan is paid off. Learning to skillfully use hard money is certain to offer any real estate investor many new options for growing his or her business.  

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