How to Get Arizona investment property Loans without 20-40% Down

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October 14, 2018
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How to Get Arizona investment property Loans without 20-40% Down

Arizona-Home-Loan-Team-Matt-and-Judy-Callahan-150x150Banks usually expect you to make a massive down payment when you apply for Arizona investment property loans, which puts them out of reach a whole lot of investors. The good news is, there’s a way to get around the standard 20-40% most expect.

Checking out Arizona investment property loans can be a rude awakening for someone getting into the business. Most people at this stage have purchased a home to live in before and expect the process to be somewhat similar. You apply for a mortgage and your broker works some magic, then comes back with numbers and tells you what you qualify for. But, when the property you’re buying is not going to be your primary residence, a lot of that magic disappears and the yesses are replaced with nos. What gives? You haven’t changed at all, your credit is the same, and you’re diversifying. Shouldn’t the banks be happy? Not exactly.

When it comes to traditional mortgages, the bank knows you plan to live there and that you’ll do everything you can to keep your home, even when times get tough. So, they’ll sometimes give a bit of wiggle room with their options. On top of this, if you don’t have the full 20% to put down, you can often get mortgage insurance. Although you pay for it, it actually protects your lender in the event you default. When you’re making a purchase with the plan to rent it out, fix-and-flip, or fix-and-hold, mortgage insurance is not an option. Ergo, the bank is going to expect you to bring at least 20% to the table.

From there, they may expect a greater down payment if your credit isn’t excellent as well, among other things. Depending on the circumstances, that down payment can skyrocket as high as 40%. And, that’s if they approve you at all. Without a couple years of property management experience under your belt, many of the big banks won’t even consider helping you out.

Alternative Funding Can Help You Out When Banks Can’t

The good news is, there are other places you can turn to for Arizona investment property loans that are easier to qualify for and don’t require the same massive down payments. Hard money is one of those choices. While lenders still look at things like your credit and your plans or ability to manage your Arizona investment property successfully, the biggest thing they consider is its value. What’s more, it’s possible to get up to 90% of the value, meaning you could wind up only needing 10% or less, if you grab a sweet deal for less than it’s worth.

Find out if alternative investment property loans are right for you.

When people go for hard money, having an exit plan is essential. If you’ll be fixing and flipping, the natural exit is selling the home after you’ve finished the work. However, if you plan to rent it out right away or fix and hold it, you’ll either need a plan to refinance at the end of your term or have another way of paying off the balance, as lenders usually expect the balance paid off within a matter of months or just a few years. If you’ve got a property in mind, a comprehensive plan, and the banks aren’t able to help, talk to a broker to learn more about hard money and the terms you qualify for.

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