House Flipping Loans: Is Local Private Money the Right Help For You?

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October 29, 2018
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October 29, 2018

House Flipping Loans: Is Local Private Money the Right Help For You?

635967198When it comes to house flipping loans and private money you need to first understand what private money actually is and where it can be found. Learn some basic strategies to find the help that’s right for you

Private money is a vague term, but it refers to any private group or individual with enough capital to lend. So where you should you look for this type of lender?

You might begin your search online, where you will likely find many “private lenders,” but most of these are really hard money providers. Its difficult to pin down what exactly private money is, especially when compared to “hard money.”  In truth, the differences are insubstantial, financing is financing after all.

The only real difference between private hard money that you should be aware of is that hard money often entails higher interest payments when compared with private. Hard money providers usually charge between 12 to 15%, while private lenders typically charge between 8 and 12%.

However truly private lenders are usually individuals that can offer far more flexible loan terms in comparison with other types of financing providers.

If you look online you likely wont find a truly “private lender,” that offers this type of flexibility, so then where should you begin your search?

When it comes to Arizona Private Money Lenders, the best way to find the right help for you and your deal is to ask around.

The best way to come in contact with private money providers is to attend real estate networking events.  At such events talk to other house flippers to get a sense of their experience with various local private lenders.  You should ask questions like how quickly were their loans funded? What were the specific terms of their deal? And how willing was the lender to negotiate these terms with them?

Above all, you want to find a lender that is willing to negotiate. Because when it comes to private money you want to take advantage of flexibility this type of financing offers.

When it comes to truly Arizona Private Money Lenders, if you can do your best to secure an equity partnership which can help you avoid the expense of carrying a loan.

You might not even have to make any payments on your loan if your private lender chooses to act as an equity partner in your project. In this case, the proceeds of your resale will pay off the remaining loan balance, while your lender receives a share of the profits you earn.

To negotiate this type of deal, you’ll probably need to find a truly private lender. Hard money is a great financing option in the case of flipping projects, but these are lenders, not investors, and they will give you a loan which you will have to pay back with interest.

If you want to find a true private investor for your next project you should avoid beginning your search online. Perform your due diligence by asking your fellow real estate developers about their experience with local private lenders. Once you find a lender that has a good reputation, see how much room there is to negotiate. If you can try to arrange an equity partnership with them which will help you avoid the expense of carrying a loan.

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