Evaluating your options when it comes to Arizona Investment Property Financing

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Evaluating your options when it comes to Arizona Investment Property Financing

male-frustrated-with-exclamation-pointsIf you are just dipping your toes in the water when it comes to investing in real estate, you may be overwhelmed by the multitude of Arizona Investment Property financing options available.

The first option you might consider if you want to invest in real-estate is a conventional investment mortgage. An investment mortgage, is the same thing as a regular mortgage expect that it is used to purchase investment properties.

While an investment mortgage offers the lowest rates, the underwriting process takes a long time. In the worst case scenario, the sale of the property you were considering might go through, as you wait on your conventional lender to review reams of financial documents. So, if a conventional investment mortgage is the only financing option you consider, you could miss out on the best deals.

While conventional financing offers the lowest interest rates, these lenders have exceptionally high standards which many new investors may not be able to meet. The main issue comes down to credit, to get the best conventional investment mortgage possible your credit score should be over 700, the minimum is 620. So if your credit score is lower than 620, there is little to no chance you can qualify for an Arizona investment mortgage.

So if you can’t qualify for a conventional Arizona Investment Property financing, can you still finance the purchase of an Arizona Investment Property?

Some investors draw equity from their primary residence to finance the purchase of their first Arizona Investment Property,  while others secure loans from crowdfunding websites. Some investors may have friends or family members with deep pockets, who are willing to help and who can finance their first purchase.

Home equity lines of credit, crowdfunding, and personal loans are all options you could consider if you can’t qualify for a conventional investment mortgage. However, of course there are drawbacks to consider.

With home equity loans, you put your primary residence at risk if you default. With crowdfunding there are not guarantees your loan will ever be fully funded and borrowing from close friends and family can put a severe strain on your relationships if you run into financial difficulties.

If you can, you should consider hard money which can be an excellent Arizona Investment Property financing option

This type of lender uses the value of the property you aim to purchase as a means to secure the loan. For this reason, hard money providers can look past your financial situation and your personal credit score, making hard money an option if you can’t qualify for a conventional investment mortgage.

Unlike home equity loans, with hard money, there is often no need to pledge your primary residence as collateral. Most hard money providers have the funds on hand to fully finance your loan. So with hard money, unlike crowdfunding, there is no need to wait around for your loan to be fully financed. Unlike personal loans, you don’t risk your relationships with hard money.

While hard money is more expensive than other types of financing, it gives you options.

After you purchase your Arizona Investment Property, you can always refinance to a less expensive conventional loan after your financial situation improves.

So if your just getting started in real-estate investment and you can’t qualify elsewhere consider hard money as a potential financing option.

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