Why New Fix-and-Flippers Get Denied by Hard Money Lenders (And What You Can Do About It)

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September 5, 2018
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Why New Fix-and-Flippers Get Denied by Hard Money Lenders (And What You Can Do About It)

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People new to the home rehab business often make fatal mistakes that impact their ability to get funding. If you’re preparing to approach hard money lenders, you’ll need to have a few things in place to get approval.

It seems like today we have a fix-and-flip culture. There are TV shows designed around it and almost everyone knows someone who has done a flip before. Unfortunately, those just getting into the field can sometimes take this to mean that it’s easy or that it will generate millions for them overnight. While it can be quite lucrative, you’ll need to know the numbers and have a strategy in place before you can consider it a side-hustle or career.

One of the biggest issues is failure to consider additional cash needs. No matter how great of a deal you’re getting, you’ll need some kind of cash to get going. Although some will provide you with 80% or more of the value of the home, you’ll need to be able to pay the remainder on your own. Moreover, there will be expenses associated with the repairs and that’s not typically part of the initial loan. Those just getting into the business can really benefit from having a trusted inspector visit the home in advance of a purchase to help determine what repairs will be necessary.

The second major issue is failure to have a solid plan. If you have a little experience with home renovations, it’s easy to look a home over and make a mental assessment of the work and costs, but that doesn’t constitute a plan. They’re taking a risk on you, so hard money lenders will want to know everything from your timeline through costs and exit strategy. Don’t think this means you have to take everything on alone, though. You can build a network of professionals and bring them in to consult on your projects or see if a seasoned home rehabber will mentor you.

Are There Other Things That May Stand in the Way of Becoming Successful?

Even experienced home flippers run into a bump or two on each project. It’s their ability to anticipate issues and set aside the time and money to deal with them at the onset of a project which helps ensure they achieve what they set out to. If you’re told “no” by hard money lenders at first, don’t be dejected. Instead, ask questions to find out what you can do to improve the odds next time around.

Every HML has different guidelines, so the best way to know if you qualify is to get in contact.

The better your planning is and the more numbers you crunch, the greater your odds are of getting a green light on a project. Hard money lenders simply want to know they’re investing in you wisely, and although the value of the home is arguably the biggest factor for most, each uses a different set of criteria to judge. At Level 4 Funding, we’ve heard stories from our own clients about how other companies have dropped the ball and cost a client a property, and while we can sympathize, our ability to help where others don’t, and low-rate guarantee are things we’re proud to offer because it sets us apart from the pack. While we enjoy working with home rehabbers who have an established track record, we help newcomers too. If you’ve got a solid plan for a fix-and-flip, give us a call today.

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