Why Borrowers Choose Hard Money Lender

Who Can Benefit From Hard Money Loans
August 24, 2018
Why Investors Choose Hard Money Loans
August 26, 2018

Why Borrowers Choose Hard Money Lender

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There are many options for borrowers who are seeking a loan. But choosing to work with hard money lenders is a great option for several reasons.

Hard money lender offer many benefits that are not available from the traditional banks and mortgage lenders of the world. Some borrowers discover that they have no choice but to work with hard money lender due to their low credit score or lack of credit history. But many other borrowers choose these nontraditional lenders because they are a better fit to meet their borrowing needs.

Traditional banks, credit unions and mortgage companies are very regimented and only offer a few types of loans. And the loans that they do offer have no real flexibility. So borrowers are forced to take the terms and rate that is offered or find another lender. But hard money lenders are able to work with a borrower to create a customized loan that meets the needs of the borrower. Loans come in all shapes and sizes so hard money is a great option of a person purchasing a home or the investor who is interested in buying a property to flip or even an entire rental complex.

Getting approved for a traditional loan can be difficult. Not only is it important that you meet the credit score and income criteria but you also need to be able to provide detailed documentation to prove your earnings and debt. So it is stressful and time-consuming. But these lenders are more interested in the current market value of the property than the personal financial history of the borrower. This is because the approval of the loan is based on a comparison of the loan amount being requested and the property value. The term is loan to value. In most cases a lender is only comfortable lending up to about 70% of the current market value of the property. They use this number so that there will always be some equity in the property and in the event of the borrower defaulting on the loan, the lender can sell the property to recover his or her investment.

Timing Can Be Critical For Hard Money Lender

In some cases, getting a fast loan is more important than getting the very cheapest loan. A buyer might be trying to purchase a home which is very competitively priced, meaning there will be a lot of bids on the house. So by submitting an offer noting that the funding is in the form of hard money is a big benefit. The sellers will know that if selected, that buyer will have funding quickly to close the deal. The same is true for an investor who finds a great deal but wants to make the purchase before other investors discover it. The fast funding of hard money can be all that makes a great deal work.

Making a Deal with a Person

Borrowing from a nontraditional lender is much more personal than borrowing from a huge corporation. You are actually working with a local person in most cases and can ask questions, make requests and even get a great deal of education on the art of hard money deals. Many borrowers are happy to have the option to work with an individual or small group rather than a huge company with impersonal service. All of this personal service and the potential to customize a loan makes hard money a great option for many borrowers.

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