What Hard Money Lenders Are Looking For

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August 23, 2018
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August 24, 2018

What Hard Money Lenders Are Looking For

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Most borrowers assume that all loans hinge in having good credit. But understanding the criteria used by hard money lender can be life altering.

Traditional lenders are not the only game in town when it comes to securing a loan, which is good because not everyone can meet the criteria for those loans. One of the best features of hard money is that hard money lenders are using a different set of criteria and are making it possible for many more people to obtain a legitimate loan.

Credit history and credit score are always going to be reviewed when there is any type of loan application or request being made. But hard money lender are looking at a lot of other information as well. The approval is based more on the value of the property and the potential for the property than it is on the creditworthiness of the borrower. Other points of interest will include the borrower’s history in real estate investing, business background and the borrower’s willingness to invest his or her own money into the project. All of these are good indicators of how hard the borrower is willing to work to make the project a success and how much potential the borrower has as a smart real estate investor.

In addition, lenders in the hard money sector are trained to look at the potential of a property as well as its current condition and value. Investors are buying a property to improve it and increase its value and a smart lender will see the value in that as well. Taking the potential of a property into consideration often times means that the lender is willing to loan more on the property than the standard 70% of the loan to value ratio.

Tips For Landing Hard Money

Lenders are all interested in making money and the hard money sector is no different. So providing as much information to the lender as possible is always going to increase your chances of getting approved. Complete your due diligence of the property and be honest with the lender about your findings and your plans to increase the property value and make the money to pay back your loan. This includes providing a detailed exit strategy as well as a backup plan. Also detailing past experience in the real estate investment industry will help to demonstrate that you have the ability to complete the project in a timely and professional manner.

Be Honest

Lenders have a sense of who is being honest and who is trying to pull off a fast one. If you have credit issues or have no credit, then be honest and explain that. Even though the lender is not a bank, he or she will research you and your credit history. Issues that you think are hidden will likely pop up and can crush your credibility. But if you explain the past and map out your plan for the future, you have a much better chance of getting approval from hard money lender.

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