Learn About Hard Money Loans Before You Take the Plunge

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August 4, 2018
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August 6, 2018

Learn About Hard Money Loans Before You Take the Plunge

Are hard money loans too good to be true? Learn the truth about this often-misunderstood investment opportunity.

Are you a typical real estate investor seeking the best opportunity and the next best purchase? While years of experience often affect the pursuit and tactics used to find the next property, finding ways to finance your project is faced by beginner and professional alike.

On a rental property that you are analyzing to invest in, how you will be financing your investment is always on your mind. Covering your costs that come along with purchasing your investment property is another hot topic. When purchasing a rental property, hard money loans can be used to purchase the property. A little more due diligence and investigation is to be done before committing to using this type of loan to purchase your property.

Have you been wondering just what a hard money loan is? These loans are secured by real estate and the value of the investment property rather than the credit worthiness of the borrower. The term of these loans usually has a maximum of 12 months and have higher interest rates than traditional loans. The source of the funds for these loans is from private money lenders. When Should you Consider Obtaining a Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans are perfect partners in certain situations. Some of these are:

· Turnaround Situations

· Short term financing

· A problem in your life has caused your credit to be “challenged”. If the investment property that you are seeking to invest in has substantial equity, this should overcome any credit challenge.

Brokers offer loans through private hard money lenders to real estate investors secured by one or more properties. Unlike banks, these lenders charge higher rates and fees but move much more quickly. Their main focus is the value of the collateral (property) for the loan. There is less focus on the borrower’s financial status and credit score. A typical hard money lender may be a mortgage broker with high net worth clients who will invest in the loans. Lenders have certain criteria when deciding if they will provide hard money loans.

Hard Money Lenders Differ from Each Other in a Multitude of Ways

Some of the aspects that different lenders look at include:

Deliverability of the loan, risk of loss based on the amount/underlying asset value, borrower strength, and what the borrowers repayment plan is. Then the hard money lender will look at the property itself including: the actual worth of the property, how much improvement is needed for the property and what will the actual value be after the improvements, how easy the property bill be to foreclose on if the borrower defaults, and how quickly will it be to sell the property in the market that it is located in should the borrower default.

Remember, real estate investing is risky. Explore all possibilities and get your ducks in order before proceeding.

Rejections come in all forms, but some of the main reasons lenders turn down a loan are:

· The loan is outside of the lender’s lending parameters

· The lender wishes not to lend to a particular borrower

· The loan requirements for a loan fall outside the lenders capital

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