Considering a Fix & Hold? Read What This Broker Says First

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July 18, 2018
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Considering a Fix & Hold? Read What This Broker Says First

Broker Explains Why Arizona is Tops for Investment Properties

Most of the people we help at Level 4 Funding work in the fix-and-flip industry. They use hard money loans to purchase a property, make repairs, and get it back on the market quickly. We’ve recently interviewed several clients who do just this. However, hard money loans are also utilized by borrowers who need to move quickly in the market; particularly if they’re trying to grab up an investment property before someone else does. This unique angle is attractive to a different category of real estate investors; perhaps those who fix-and-flip, but also those who fix-and-hold in situations where a traditional bank loan won’t suffice. Realtor Chris Mendenhall of Harcourts Prime Properties spoke with us on this front and gave us a few insights for those hoping to make smart real estate investments.

Chris has Been in Real Estate Since 1987

CJM Harcourts ImageA true veteran of the industry, Chris began his career as a real estate broker more than three decades ago. Although he works primarily in north Los Angeles County, he also serves Orange, San Diego, and Riverside Counties. Chris was working in lending during the 90s crash, helping buyers with their loan applications. “It was a tough time,” he says. “There were only 12,000 sales that year, in an area with 12,000 realtors.”

His Current Focus is on Asset-Based Auctions

Working with Harcourts Prime, Chris’ current focus is on asset-based auctions. He helps sellers get top dollar for their properties within a very short period of time and also gives buyers the chance to purchase property at public auction using a transparent process. Unlike other auctions, buyers can see everything from home inspections to pest inspections prior to making a bid. Despite the quick turnaround, Chris says most properties are grabbed before they make it to auction. Those that do land in the hands of trusted auctioneer Ben Brady, who has handled $4.5 million in properties over the past year alone.

Chris Says Arizona’s the Place to Be for Fix & Flips and Fix & Holds

One of the most recent deals that left Chris in awe was a 26-unit building in Phoenix, which was purchased by investors with the intent to flip and hold. “Mark changed their lives,” Chris says of Level 4 Funding partner Mark Gowlovech. “He helped them generate close to one million dollars in equity.” After a few rounds of funding, the property, which was purchased for next to nothing, now has a value of about $1.5 million and is filled with renters on month-to-month leases. When asked what he thinks of the industry, Chris compared the Arizona market to California. “Arizona’s a better place to do it,” he explained. “It’s easier to rent. The laws are more favorable.”

Focus on the Numbers if You Plan to Get into the Industry

Aside from working in Arizona over California, Chris gives investors some additional advice: “Identify a property that has the numbers. It’s all a numbers thing. Not, I like this color or I like this floorplan,” he explains. He also adds that working with someone like Mark is advantageous. “He has tools that really help his clients,” and ensures they’re making smart investment decisions.

Work with Chris or Learn More About Hard Money Loans

Chris says he often works business professionals who run into situations in which properties have to get to market quickly and the sale must be handled by a neutral third party, which is quite common when it comes to the legal realm, especially family law. Harcourts Prime Properties is only in California thus far, with plans to expand across the US in the near future. If you’d like to connect with him, you can visit his LinkedIn profile, follow him on Facebook, or visit his site

Level 4 Funding, on the other hand, helps people in California, Arizona, and Texas. If you need funding for a project, such as a multi-family dwelling or general fix-and-flip, and a traditional bank loan isn’t a viable option, learn more about how we can assist you.

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