Some Great Ways to Make the Most of This Market

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July 28, 2013
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July 29, 2013

Some Great Ways to Make the Most of This Market

In a previous blog we mentioned that not being prepared, even in this up and coming recovering market, is a big no-no. You always have to be ready for anything, so stay on top of your game in this industry and get going with these tips for staying on top.
► Yes, housing numbers are looking better and yes, rates are still historically low (and we believe may stay like that for a while) but make sure you are always trying to build your client list. Don’t get stuck.
►Create a great team and a great niche. Building a team that is able to harbor the storm despite market conditions and interest rates is going to keep you going. Get your database organized and build those referrals.
►Use every opportunity. What use is doing nothing? The market share is here for the taking. While many will come and go with these generic spikes in refinances, the experienced and dedicated professionals (like ones who read all the blogs… hint hint) will have a big opportunity to gain more market share.
►Make sure you stay super informed and super involved. Being informed of how our business is operating from inside-out and how regulations will affect you and the clients you serve is great because it means you are educated on your line of work and that means you will better serve your clients.
So don’t get caught up being lazy just because you had one good year. You have to be clean, concise and constantly learning about how to grow your business. As the saying goes, “prepare for the worst and expect the best.” If things do slow down, you will have the tools to get everything back to speed.
You may have been in the game for some time, but it never hurts to learn a few new tricks or to go back and read some you may have already known. Sometimes, all it takes are a few quick pointers to get us going again.

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